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Cost-Conscious Fees

To Assist With Optimizing Your Wealth

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We Believe in Transparency

From the Start

Regardless of age or assets, we believe everyone deserves professional financial advice that is affordable and available in an honest manner. Our fees are quoted in hard dollars, on a monthly retainer basis and we do not accrue any benefit from brokerage commissions, finder’s fees or splitting of money management fees.

As a fee-only firm, we do not sell investment or insurance products, nor do we offer brokerage or actuarial services. To ensure that our interests are aligned, we feel our compensation should not be dependent upon commissions or transactions.

Our Fee Schedule

Longevity and Aging Focused Financial Planning Solutions

We will develop comprehensive longevity and aging focused solutions that will support you on your path to optimal financial wellness and retirement well-being.

Within this plan, we will prepare reports and reviews, meet with you to review goals and progress and we will also strategize and coordinate with other advisors (accountants, attorneys and insurance agents) as needed. Through ongoing planning, we will monitor life changes you may experience and make adjustments to your plan, as necessary.

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Our fees are quoted in hard dollars, on a flat monthly retainer basis. Our fees are calculated based on the net worth.

We do not receive soft-dollar payment in any form for our services. We will disclose all compensation and will not benefit from any additional compensation, which is not explicitly stated. All fees will be communicated in writing before a relationship begins.

We work on a fee only basis, We are not stock brokers, insurance agents or registered representatives who benefit from selling you an investment or financial product. We do not accrue any benefit from brokerage commission’s finder’s fees, or splitting of money management fees.

As a pure-play consulting, we do not sell any products, nor brokerage or actuarial services. To ensure that the interest of both the client and the advisor remains aligned, we feel the advisor’s compensation should not be dependent upon commissions or transactions. The objective is to avoid conflicts of interest.

What Does It Cost?

Ongoing Planning & Investment Management


Starting at $200*

 Learn More about Percy E. Bolton Associates, Inc.'s Flat Fee Structure Here

Our Ideal Client

As a professional firm, Percy E. Bolton Associates specializes in longevity, health and aging focused financial and life planning. We are a firm that helps pre-retirees and retirees identify their goals, evaluate their long-term needs and generate a plan to help them live securely and comfortably throughout their retirement life. Whether they are married, divorced, widowed or never married, retirees need to create a plan that will last throughout their lifetime so that they feel more secure about their financial future.

Percy's ideal client is a couple or individual between the ages of 55 through 75, within five years remaining until retirement. They work for a major institutional corporation and are highly respected professionals. They are non-traditional. No children or grown children occupying a lot of their personal time and have experienced life changes such as a divorce or loss of a loved one. They are active in the charitable arena and a lot of their social life revolves around these activities in some fashion.

We know that to achieve financial wellness, you must know that your financial and investment strategies have been coordinated to support each of your life goals. We work every day to provide our clients the security of knowing that they can be prepared to meet whatever challenges, no matter how unexpected, may come their way.

Proudly Working In Your Best Interest

Individual, one-on-one consultation is the most effective way to define your goals, apply the most appropriate strategies and achieve greater financial security. Through structure, planning and organization, we tailor to your needs and personal agenda.

Let’s Get Started