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You worked hard to save for the future and have put careful thought into saving for and living in retirement. As you approach life transitions in retirement, you’re looking for ways to make that vision happen. 

Most financial planning firms today have been designed primarily to help you invest and build your retirement savings. That’s only one part of the retirement puzzle.  As you transition to and live in retirement, your needs and challenges go beyond traditional financial strategies.

As a retiree who invests to sustain your lifestyle, you face unique challenges. Your strategies and decisions must be consistent with your age, health, resources, and goals – such that income needs are met for your life and typically, that of your spouse’s life. 

The other part of the retirement’s puzzle is consumption. The success of an income objective often depends on your ability to adhere to a disciplined spending plan. And in many ways, you cannot depend on other sources of income to cover shortfalls when you suffer losses in the market.

It is our mission to answer the common questions many retirees are asking about how to create a successful retirement plan to ensure that they reach their desired level of comfort and freedom.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck.