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Canadian Investor Visas Basics Thumbnail

Canadian Investor Visas Basics

For investors looking to make Canada their home, the investor visa programs offer a pathway to residency and citizenship. Here, we dive into the basics of Canadian investor visas and explore how investors can become permanent residents in Canada.

What Are Canadian Investor Visas?

Investor Visas allow foreign entrepreneurs to “obtain permanent residency and citizenship through deferral and provincial investment immigration programs.”1 They are designed to attract individuals who can contribute significantly to the Canadian economy, and they aim to foster economic growth by encouraging foreign investment in various sectors.

Both the federal and provincial governments welcome business immigrants and offer services to help them start a business and settle in Canada.2

Canadian Investor Visa Programs

There are several avenues through which investors can apply for Canadian residency or citizenship:

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)
Administered by the province of Quebec, the QIIP targets high-net-worth individuals who wish to invest in the province’s economy.3 Applicants must have a legally acquired net worth of at least $2 million, have two years of management experience, and be willing to make a five-year investment of $1.2 million with the government. Successful applicants and their families are granted permanent residency.

Startup Visa Program
Geared towards entrepreneurs, the Start-up Visa Program encourages innovative individuals to establish their start-up businesses in Canada.4 To qualify, applicants must have a qualifying business and receive support from a designated organization. Once accepted, entrepreneurs and their families can obtain permanent residency.

Investor Immigration Programs
Some provinces outside of Quebec offer their own investor immigration programs. These programs vary in their requirements but generally involve investment in a business or designated fund. For example, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP), Entrepreneur Immigration stream, requires a minimum investment of $200,000 in eligible businesses.5

How to Pursue Canadian Residency Through an Investor Visa

Now that we understand what an Investor Visa is and some of the different types, let’s look at how to get an investor visa.

1. Research and Choose the Right Program
Before diving into the application process, research the various programs available and choose the one that best aligns with your goals, investment capacity, and qualifications. Consider factors such as the required investment amount, location preferences, and eligibility criteria.

2. Meet Eligibility Requirements
Each program has specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet. These may include minimum net worth, investment amount, business experience, and language proficiency, among others. For example, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program requires a net worth of at least $2 million and two years of management experience.

3. Make the Investment
Once you’ve selected a program and met the eligibility criteria, it’s time to make the required investment. Depending on the program, this could involve investing in a government fund, starting a new business, or investing in an existing Canadian enterprise.

4. Submit Application
With your investment in place, you can now submit your application to the relevant immigration authorities. This process involves providing detailed documentation, such as proof of funds, business plans, investment details, and personal information.

5. Wait for Processing
After you submit your application, immigration officials will review it. Processing times vary depending on the program and current demand. During this period, you may be required to attend interviews or provide additional information.

6. Receive Approval and Permanent Residency
Upon approval, you will receive your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR), which allows you to move to Canada as a permanent resident.6

For investors seeking to make Canada their home, the Investor Visa programs offer a viable pathway to permanent residency and potential citizenship. Whether through the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, provincial nominee programs, or the Start-up Visa Program, there are options to suit various investment capacities and entrepreneurial ambitions.

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