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Why Percy E. Bolton?


With You In Mind

When we work together, you’ll discover that we take a holistic approach to managing your life and wealth. By addressing your goals in connection with your dreams, desires and within the context of your means, we work with you to increase our understanding of your needs and to ensure your financial wellness is within reach.

Over the years, our client’s perceptions of what it means to be successful have changed, which is why we focus our approach on defining the motivation behind your wealth. We believe that your assets should be aligned in such a way that they enable your life, not the other way around.

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Financial Advice That Heals

Our goal is to address how you want to live and how your wealth should support your ambitions for you, your family and perhaps your community. We take the time to help you see beyond your immediate financial concerns in order to achieve a greater vision of how you can bring more fulfillment and security to your life.

We’ll integrate your financial resources with your vision, resulting in a vital process in which your wealth remains at the service of your life. Both transformational and affirming, we’ll help you approach financial wellness in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way.

What You Can Expect

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We are an independent advisory firm that is free to secure services from leading third-party providers. We have no ties to other financial institutions or to specific asset managers that might limit our independence and objectivity.

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We do not accrue any benefit from brokerage's commissions, finder's fees or the splitting of money management fees. Because we are not stockbrokers, insurance agents or registered representatives, we focus on your needs as opposed to selling an investment or financial product.

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The principal of our firm is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) with almost 40 years of industry experience. Our focus and know-how are therefore dedicated to the longevity and aging-focused planning process and helping you achieve your long-term goals.

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As a fiduciary, we occupy a position of trust and confidence when working with you. We are required to act with undivided loyalty, which includes disclosing how we are to be compensated and any corresponding conflicts of interest.

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We invest in cutting-edge technology to provide high-quality tools to ensure a seamless experience. As we work together, you’ll have access to a secured website that aggregates all of your financial information in one place.

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