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Improve your Cybersecurity

 Savvy Cybersecurity: 10 Threats Every Person and Business Faces—and How to Fight Them Now." During this interactive workshop you will learn:

10 ways your security is at risk and how to fight back

Why you should be skeptical of emails in your inbox

Why children are more at risk for identity theft than adults

How your smartphone and tablet put you at a greater risk of identity theft

4 ways to use public Wi-Fi safely

Why thieves have an eye on your business' identity

And much more

You will also receive a copy of the Savvy Cybersecurity Quick Reference Guide. This two-sided reference includes a Savvy Cybersecurity Scorecard which you will use to measure your cybersecurity rating, as well as a Cybersecurity Checklist and an action plan for you to improve your personal cybersecurity.

With identity theft on the rise, it is important to learn the methods used by hackers while also learning the best ways to protect yourself. This informative workshop covers what you need to know about growing cyber-threats and the prevention plan you should implement immediately. Join us on:

Date: Saturday, October 22, 2022

Time: 10:00 a.m.